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    MEDI-LAB Mediwipes Plus Alcohol Wipes (100pcs)


    Kiti Gamintojai
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    MEDI-LAB Mediwipes Plus Alcohol Wipes (100pcs)

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    Ready-to-use wipes for quick disinfection of small surfaces, medical devices and various types of alcohol-resistant equipment.

    -exhibit a broad biocidal spectrum confirmed by tests.

    -extremely short exposure time - 30 seconds - enables hygienic procedures to be carried out on surfaces that require quick disinfection before the next use.

    -an ideal solution in situations where the disinfectant cannot be sprayed and quick action is essential.

    -they find widely used for disinfecting alcohol-resistant medical equipment that cannot be disinfected by immersion.

    -necessary in every first aid bag, e.g. an ambulance.

    -the ability to disinfect surfaces that come into contact with food.

    -ready to use - can be used immediately, without any additional steps.

    -after using the wipes, the disinfected surface dries quickly and remains free from streaks and stains.

    Kiti Gamintojai
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    MEDI-LAB Mediwipes Plus Alcohol Wipes (100pcs)

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