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    NGHIA Export Tweezers T-05


    Kiti Gamintojai
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    Tweezers with an oblique shape of the tip are indispensable for hair removal or other treatments. 

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    A specially profiled tip ensures a perfect descent of the tips, thanks to which working with this tool becomes easy and pleasant. 

    The tweezers will pull out the hair completely (together with the root).

    -made of brushed stainless steel INOX

    -blade type: oblique

    -handle type: notched

    -blade size: 4mm

    -total length of the tweezers: 9.5cm

    -can be disinfected and sterilized by any method

    (chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)

    -weight: 11g

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    NGHIA Export Tweezers T-05

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