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    Nouveau Contour Organic Line Eyeliner Pigments (10ml)


    Nouveau contour
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    Very high concentration of pigment, bright colors.

    Organic pigment line



    The Organic pigments of Nouveau Contour are free of iron oxides. The product composition contains less alcohol: the same pigment volume contains more pigment. The result? A higher concentration of pigment will remain in the skin, resulting in bright colors. 

    An additional advantage is that the low concentration of alcohol will dry out the pigment less quickly. During the procedure, the pigment is more easily inserted into the skin. The colors remain clear and fresh. 

    Eyeliner pigments:

    Just Black - is a black Cool undertone eyeliner color, suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6.

    Just Grey - is a soft greyblack pigment with an offblack antracite effect. This pigment is perfect for clients with a cool undertone.

    Admiral - is a full blue pigment which is fantastic for clients with blue eyes. This pigment gives the most natural results for clients with a cool undertone.

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    Nouveau Contour Organic Line Eyeliner Pigments (10ml)

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